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Gloup Original 輔助吞藥凝膠 75ml

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【Gloup 藥物凝膠】是一種成份天然的吞藥凝膠,它可以在沒有水的情況下令您更容易吞嚥藥丸或營養補充品。100% 成份天然。

稀稠度:國際吞嚥障礙飲食標準IDDSI 第3級 (約乳酪的厚度)

內容:草莓和香蕉味 ,75ml 支裝

使用期限:未開封 2 年,開封後 2 個月


Gloup Original is a slippery gel that makes the intake of oral medication like tablets, capsules and pills a lot easier. Gloup Original consists of 100% natural ingredients and has a pleasant strawberry/ banana flavor.

Consistency: IDDSI Level 3

Content: 75 ml, Tube

Use Duration: unopened for 2 years, opened for 2 months

Ingredients: water, sugar, carrageenan, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate, calcium chloride, citric acid, carmine, aroma.

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