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Do you face problems with swallowing pills?

Gloup medication swallowing gel can help. Gloup makes your life easier!

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Your Safe Choice:
  • Patented formulation

  • Researched/ tested by The University o Queesland (UQ)/ School of Pharmacy Brisbane/Australia (10,11)

  • Decreases the need for crushing up to 40% (10)

  • Queensland University classifies Gloup Zero & Original as IDDSI level 3 (room temperature) and Level 4 (fridge) 

  • Survey: Experiences with using Gloup medication lubricant: What do Australian aged care facility healthcare workers think? Use of Gloup: 48% easier medication administrations, 34% less crushing and 33% better medication compliance (10)


Try to avoid: 

The use of fruit juice/puree

  • Fibers have a negative impact on certain medication (1,2,3,4)

  • Bioflavonoids in fruit have a negative impact on a group of medication (5)

the use of dairy products

  • Decreases the effectivity of many medicines (6)

  • Decreases the absorption of specific medication (6)

crushing tablets/opening capsules

  • Can decrease stability and effectivity and can increase toxicity of drugs (7)

  • Increased risk for health problems of healthcare professionals by inhalation and skin contact (7)


use of food thickeners

  • Decrease absorption of certain medication dramatically (8)

  • Xanthan Gum and Guargom have an enormous impact on specific medication (9)

Product Features:
  • Suitable for people over 6 years old

  • 60 days after opening

  • Can be kept at room temperature or refrigerated

  • Free of gluten, lactose

  • Available in a sugar-free formula, Zero (Cranberry Flavor)

  • All ingredients are "food grade"

  • Can be combined with tablet or crushed medication *please take crushed medication as recommended by your healthcare professional

*Please read the package instructions before use. Please use as directed. If symptoms persist, seek advice from a healthcare professional. If you have moderate-to-severe difficulty swallowing, please consult a healthcare professional before use.

Whether or not the swallowing problem is caused by a disease,

Gloup is suitable for those who have difficulty swallowing medicines.

Gloup is made in Europe and delivered directly from the Netherlands.

Different formulations are available to suit your needs.


If you have difficulty swallowing, contact us to find out how Gloup can help you.  

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