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I never used Gloup before, how does it work?
  1. Taste Gloup® first without any medication, so you can get used to the texture and flavour of the product.

  2. Start with just 1 tablet or pill and expand to multiple tablets per intake at once later.

  3. Put the pill / tablet on a spoon.

  4. Add Gloup® (approx. 5 mL) to the spoon. Make sure that the entire pill is covered with Gloup®.

  5. Swallow all at once.

  6. Gloup® can be used with both entire and crushed tablets. Always check with your pharmacist whether your tablets are allowed to be crushed.

  7. If you do not swallow your medication successfully the first time, please keep in mind that you have to get used to the texture of the gel as it would be your first time using this product. Try multiple times and you eventually get there, don’t be discouraged by failed attempts.

  8. Gloup® is slippery and slides down your throat easily. People that crush their medication often no longer need to do that with the use of Gloup® as they can now easily swallow the entire tablet! It is always best practice not to crush if not needed.

Use Gloup with whole tablets

Using Gloup for the first time

1. Place the tablet on the spoon

When using Gloup for the first time, it is recommended to try a spoonful of the gel without any concomitant use of medicine.

2. Put 5ml of Gloup      to cover the surface of the tablet

Use Gloup with crushed medications

3. Take Gloup together with the tablet      

4. After taking the medicine, you can drink water according to your needs  

  1. Pour a layer of Gloup into the medicine cup

2. Pour in the powder

3. Add a layer of   on top of the powderdo not mix

4. Take a spoon and swallow Gloup      together with the powder

Know how Gloup can help you? 
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