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  • Who can use Gloup®?
    Gloup® can be used by anyone who struggles to swallow tablets and capsules, but can swallow independently. Gloup® Original and Gloup® Zero is classified as a moderately thick level 3 fluid (IDDSI) and is suitable for most patients. Gloup® Forte is an extremely thick level 4 fluid (IDDSI) and is intended for patients with moderate to severe dysphagia. For further information on thickness levels, visit It is advised that a healthcare professional be consulted in the case of a moderate- severe dysphagia prior to administration of Gloup®.
  • How much sugar does Gloup® contain?
    Gloup® Original: contains <11g/100g of sugar (sucrose) with 12g/100g total carbohydrates. Gloup® Forte: contains <14g/100g of sugar (sucrose) with 26g total carbohydrates. Gloup® Zero: contains <0,01g/100g of sugar (sucrose) with 12g/100g total carbohydrates.
  • How long can Gloup® be kept/stored?
    If unopened, Gloup® can be used until the expiry date printed on the bottle. Once opened, Gloup® can be used for 2 months. Warning: Gloup® contains carrageenan, which given in high dosage and over a longer period, can lead to gastro-intestinal upsets, mainly flatulence and diarrhoea. If you encounter these issues, always consult your Doctor or Pharmacist. In this case, always bring your bottle of Gloup® with you. Gloup® Zero contains xylitol. Products containing xylitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea. Note: if the text refers to ‘pills, tablets and capsules’ it is referring to: all medicines in solid form, such as pills, tablets, lozenges, vitamins, capsules, as well as pre-packaged powders. The following are explicitly excluded: water soluble and dispersible tablets, medicines in liquid form, such as syrups and drinks. Crushing of medication or opening of capsules is not recommended without the consent of a Pharmacist or Doctor.
  • When not to use Gloup®?
    Gloup® is not intended for the intake of liquid medication and medication in dispersible form. If you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of Gloup®, always check with your healthcare professional before taking. Always bring your bottle of Gloup® with you in this case.
  • Does Gloup® contain lactose?
    No, Gloup® is free from lactose.
  • Does Gloup® contains gluten?
    No, Gloup® is free from gluten.
  • Does Gloup® contains protein?
    No, Gloup® is free from protein.
  • Does Gloup® contains gelatin?
    No, Gloup® is free from gelatin.
  • Can children use Gloup®?
    Children under 6 years of age should only have three doses of Gloup® per day
  • Can Gloup® be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
    There is insufficient evidence available to establish the safety of taking Gloup during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please consult your healthcare professional for advice.
  • How to use Gloup® with whole tablets and capsules?
    Step 1 – Place tablets on a spoon. Step 2 – Add approximately 5mL of Gloup® ensuring tablets are well covered. Step 3 – Take medication. You may or may not drink water after intake of medication with Gloup®.
  • Can you use Gloup® with crushed medications?
    Gloup may negate the need to crush. However, in case of dysphagia where you cannot safely swallow a whole tablet or capsule, the capsule may need to be opened or the tablet may need to be crushed and administered with Gloup®. Always check with your healthcare professional before altering a medication.
  • How to use Gloup® with crushed medications?
    Step 1 – Pour a layer of Gloup® into a medicine cup. Step 2 – Pour the crushed medication over Gloup®. Step 3 – Cover with another layer of Gloup®. Scoop with a spoon and take medication. Do not stir. Gloup® should encapsulate the crushed medication, which reduces the chance of getting a bitter taste.
  • Can you take multiple medications with Gloup®?
    Gloup® can be used with multiple medications as long as taking these medications together does not impact on their absorption or effectiveness. Please consult with your healthcare professional for advice.
  • Do you need to drink water after using Gloup®?
    If the patient does not have dysphagia, a glass of water can be taken after the intake of the medication with Gloup®, however it is not necessary. If the patient has dysphagia, then decide if this is suitable based on the patient’s situation. Always check with a Speech Therapist or Doctor if unsure.
  • How often can you use Gloup®?
    You can use Gloup® every time you take your medicines. A maximum of three doses per day is recommended for children under six years of age. Consult your healthcare professional before using Gloup® in higher doses.
  • What are the tips on how to use in case of dysphagia?
    In case of dysphagia: Consider keeping Gloup® in the fridge. The low temperature has a positive effect on the consistency/ thickness of the product. Pour Gloup® on a spoon directly from the bottle, without the use of the dispenser. This has a positive effect on the consistency of the product. Always ask your Doctor or Speech Therapist for advice first, before you start using Gloup®.
  • How should Gloup® be stored?
    Gloup® must be kept out of reach of children, in the closed, original packaging. Gloup® should be stored between 2-25C. It may be stored in the refrigerator.
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